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We absolutely love 3 Sprouts at Little Tiger Gifts and are delighted to now be stocking this bold and stylish range of storage solutions.

Simply choose from high quality kids storage boxes, laundry hampers, kids storage bins and kids toy chests, all easily recognisable by their bright 3 Sprouts animal designs.

They are a perfect way to organise kids rooms, nurseries and playrooms whilst adding colour and a sense of fun.

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Kids Storage Boxes 3 Sprouts

3 Sprouts kids storage boxes can stand alone or fit into most cubby hole shelving units. Choose from a mouse, sheep, unicorn or dragon design.

3 Sprouts Kids Storage Bin

These 3 Sprouts kids storage bins are a fun and stylish way to organise kids toys.  They’ll brighten up any nursery, bedroom or playroom.  Deer design available

3 Sprouts Kids Laundry Hampers

Let’s be honest, the small members of the family can be quite messy!  But these 3 Sprouts kids laundry hampers provide a perfect solution to keeping that laundry hidden away.  Choose from goat or orangutan designs.

Kids toy chests by 3 Sprouts

A colourful and fun 3 Sprouts kids toy chest to keep toys hidden away whilst brightening up any bedroom or playroom.  Crocodile design available.

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