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We absolutely love Maileg at Little Tiger Gifts and are delighted to be stocking this wonderful collection. We are continuing to expand our Maileg collection, hand picking new items to compliment our existing range as we get to know this lovely brand better. Take your time to browse through our selection of mice, rabbits and bunnies. We have a great selection of bunnies in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 and also kittens as well including – Maileg Chatons Kitten

In addition to the Maileg rabbits, bunnies and mice, we also stock a range of clothing and accessories which are the perfect fit for your special purchase.

We also have some wonderful larger items including a retro kitchen and mouse book house to name but a few so be sure to take a look at the entire range.

Simply choose a Maileg family or use our search facility at the top of the page. We can have your Maileg order dispatched the same day and gift wrapped as well if required!

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Best Friends from Maileg

The Maileg Best Friend range is a lovely collection of Maileg soft toys made from linen.  It features a dog, cat and rabbit all with their own smart Maileg clothes and accessories.

Maileg Mice Soft Dolls

Meet the Maileg mice.  These lovely little mice range from 7 cm – 13 cm and get to share the clothes and accessories with their Maileg My and Micro bunny friends.

Maileg Micro Rabbits & Bunnies

Maileg My and Micro rabbits and bunnies might be the smallest but they are perfectly formed ranging from 11 cm to 15 cm.  You’ll recognise the Maileg bunnies by their floppy ears and the rabbits by their pointy ears.

Maileg Size 1 & 2 Rabbits & Bunnies

Meet the Maileg size 1 & 2 Rabbits & Bunnies.  They range in size from 22 cm to 32 cm and come with a wonderful range of Maileg clothes and accessories to choose from.

Maileg size 3 Rabbits & Bunnies

Next size up from the Maileg size 1 & 2 Rabbits & Bunnies we have the Maileg size 3 Rabbits and Bunnies.  They range from 42 cm to 49 cm, again with a whole a range of wonderful clothes and accessories.

Maileg Size 4 & 5 Rabbits & Bunnies

Our largest Maileg rabbits and bunnies are size 4 and 5. They range in size from 53 cm to 75 cm and come with a range of lovely of clothes to choose from, including jumpsuits and night wear.

Maileg Ballet

Perfect for you budding Ballerinas.  This beautiful range includes soft toy Maileg ballerinas and dance inspired play sets.  Positions Please!

Maileg Cool Rats

These Maileg cool rats are our latest addition to the range and I think you would agree they are very cool.

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