New Les Jolis Trop Beaux family

Moulin Roty Les Jolis Trop Beaux are the latest family addition at Little Tiger Gifts.

The range is new from Moulin Roty for 2018 and features a mouse, bear, polar bear cub and a rabbit made from a wide range of textures and colours.  This quirky bunch are similar in design to their cousins from the Les Jolis Pas Beaux family.

Below are some of our favourites from the collection.  Click on the products to discover more!

Moulin Roty Play Houses

We have just received limited stocks of these wonderful Moulin Roty Les Coquettes Play Houses.

Les Coquettes Play House FrontLes Coquettes Play House Back

They are decorated in pink and white with a cat, watering can and flower pots printed on the fabric.

Featuring easy assembly and a drawstring bag, they are fantastic for the summer, best of all we are offering £40 off the RRP.  Come and take a look –

Les Petits Dodos – A new family from Moulin Roty

We have been busy updating our Moulin Roty range and are very pleased to welcome the new Les Petits Dodos nursery range of products to Little Tiger Gifts.  Click the following link to see the new family – Moulin Roty Les Petites Dodos

The range includes cats, mice and rabbits in pastel shades with a nursery, night time theme.  All animals are suitably ready for bed in their night clothes (including some with hats).

We are stocking a range of Les Petits Dodos rattles, comforters, soft toys and one of our favourite products – a milk tooth mouse.

[bscolumns class=”one_third”]Moulin Roty Nine tooth mouse[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”one_third”]Les Petits Dodos Nin-Nin Rabbit Comforter[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”one_third_last”]Les Petits Dodos Lulu Rabbit Small Rabbit[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”clear”][/bscolumns]


New Moulin Roty Products.

We’ve just added two great families to our already extensive Moulin Roty range.

Hippo Rattle by Moulin Roty

First is their new nursery range for 2015, La Papoum. This  jungle inspired collection features lions, hippos and elephants  in lovely creams and beiges with touches of yellow, red and blue.

We’ve chosen a lovely selection of soft toys, rattles and comforters which you and your little ones will love.

Firefly Ring Rattle

Secondly we’re bringing you Les Tartempois. This really is Moulin Roty at its best. A quirky range, beautifully made with lots of lovely detail. Whilst this is a new range for us at Little Tigers, the dangly soft toys have been available for a while and they have now extended the range to include rattles and comforter.

We hope you like our selection.

As Moulin Roty  continue to produce new families and extend popular ranges it does sometimes mean saying goodbye to some of our old favourites. So we will be saying a fond farewell to Biscotte et Pompon, Myrtille & Capucine and Basile et Lola. The good news is we still have a few items available in these ranges, so hurry as they won’t last long.
Chouquette Owl soft toy by Moulin RotyCapucine Ring Rattle by Moulin Roty

Newborn & Baby gifts at Little Tigers

Over the past few years we have been adding to our range of newborn and baby gifts from Moulin Roty and Sigikid.

It was only after adding some new additions to our ever popular Moulin Roty range that I realised just how many gifts for newborns and babies we actually have!

Listed below are our five main categories of products:


We have over 13 different types of rattles from Moulin Roty and Sigikid.  All of which make that all important ‘rattle’ noise.  Our range of rattles help babies experience texture and shape, in addition to this they focus a babies attention on their hands and controlling movement.

The hen rattle shown below is from our new Les Cousins range of products from Moulin Roty

Capucine Ring Rattle from Moulin Roty

Katarina Katinka Tiger Rattle by Sigikid

Les Cousins Hen Rattle by Moulin Roty

Squeaky toys

Our range of squeaky toys from Moulin Roty again help babies experience texture, shape and sound.   In fact even some adults could not resist having a squeeze on our Moulin Roty Squeaky toy!

Mademoiselle et Ribambelle Otter Squeaky Toy by Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty Grroou Lion Squeaky Toy


We also stock over 10 different types of high quality baby comforters, ranging from a donkey comforter from Moulin Roty’s Biscotte et Pompon family to an organic bunny comforter from Sigikid.  Some of our comforters come complete with teethers and soother holders as well.

Soft Monkey Comforter by Sigikid

Moulin Roty Cow Comforter Les Jolis Pas Beaux


Organic Bunny Comforter by Sigikid

Activity toys

Our range of activity toys from Sigikid are all durable, very high quality and above all fun! Sigikid activity toys stimulate mental and physical development along with development of hand, eye coordination.

Soft Activity Cube by Sigikid Soft Activity Bear by SigikidCaterpillar Activity Toy by Sigikid

Other newborn and Baby Gifts

In addition we also have a great range of baby slippers and soft toys suitable for newborns, babies and toddlers.

Moulin Roty Capucine Slippers

Moulin Roty Basil Newborn Slippers

Mia Cat Baby Slippers

We hope you like our range of gifts.  You can see our complete newborn gift range on the following page for soft toys look no further than our Moulin Roty page

New Moulin Roty products

We have been busy… not only have we added the Truly Dotty range of hand made products to our website but we have also expanded on our ever popular Moulin Roty range.

We have added two classic products to our Moulin Roty Les Parisiennes range – a snow globe and a beautiful jewellery box.  As well as three new traditional products to our range of Moulin Roty Les Petites Merveille we now offer an additional metal spinning top, a metal yo yo and a take on the traditional jack-in-the-box which features a lion instead!

We think they all make excellent Christmas gift ideas but then at Little Tiger Gifts you are spoilt for choice.

Moulin Roty Pou Poule Chicken competition

Following a recent stock take we came across a little surprise – a lonely Moulin Roty Pou Poule chicken tucked away in a corner.

Moulin Roty Chicken

All her friends from the Au fond de la Cour family have found fantastic new homes to go to and we would love the same for Pou Poule.

She really is lovely with her mop of orange hair and pink button nose. She comes in a beautifully illustrated gift box and retails at £44.00.

For your chance to win her, head on over to our prize draw page and simply let us know in no more than 30 words, why she should live with you.

My favourite top 5 Moulin Roty soft toys by Ella aged 6

We thought it would be fun to ask our resident soft toy expert (our daughter Ella) to compile a list of her favourite top 5 Moulin Roty soft toys.  The comments below are written by Ella 🙂



1.  Philibert Dog from Les Parisiennes family

Philibert Dog

I like Philibert the dog because it looks like a sausage and it has red ears and I like the home it comes in.


2. Grroou Lion from Les Zazous family

Grroou Lion from Les Zazous family

I like Grroou because he is cute and cuddly, furry, yellow and big.


3. Blanche Soft Doll from Les Parisiennes family

Blanche Soft Doll from Les Parisiennes family

I like Blanche because she has a furry coat, orange hair and a lovely dress, tights and yellow shoes on.  She also has lovely bunches.


4. Cow Comforter from Les Jolis pas Beaux family

Cow Comforter from Les Jolis pas Beaux family

I like the cow comforter because it has a furry body.  I love the coloured feet and the spots on its body and I love the way the person who made him done his face.


5. Apolline Mole from La Grande Famille family

Apolline Mole from La Grande Famille family

I like the mole because her paws are cute.  I like the way her dress has spots.

We hope you like Ella’s top 5 list.  She certainly had fun deciding on what toys to choose and writing the comments.  We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!!!!